Editorial Process
At Bio-101, the majority of our protocols are commissioned by our Associate Editors, who are established and active scientists. Based on their knowledge and expertise, they recommend protocols used in various areas of life science research. Authors are then invited to contribute detailed versions of these protocols. The associate editor who recommended the protocol will proofread the submission and render the editorial decision. This process is described in detail below:
  1. Associate editor proofreads the protocol or assigns a guest editor to evaluate it in their place. The editor then drafts a decision letter and submits it to the Editor-in-Chief. This process can take up to 4 weeks.
  2. Editor-in-Chief approves or modifies the decision, alerting the executive editor charged with communicating decisions to the authors.
  3. The executive editor communicates the decision with authors and is available to address any questions.
  4. Authors have 2 weeks to address comments from the editor (2 weeks).
  5. The associate editor then evaluates author revisions and determines whether the revised version is acceptable as is or requires further revision (10 days).
  6. If further revision is required for the protocol to be accepted, the protocol will go through a final round of evaluation prior to a decision to accept or reject the protocol.
Presubmission inquiries from researchers interested in submitting a protocol to Bio-101 are reviewed by our Editorial Board, who will respond within three working days of submission. If accepted, an associate editor with expertise in the field will proofread the submission and render the editorial decision.
Researchers interested in authoring a protocol in response to a reader request will have their inquiry addressed by our Editorial Board within three working days. If accepted, the author will then be contacted with a formal invitation from our Editorial Board.
Note that prior to release, each submission draft undergoes a quality control assessment by the Bio-101 editing team to ensure that submissions meet our Protocol Preparation Guidelines. Authors may be contacted for further details if additional information is needed.
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