Protocol Submission Procedure
Bio-101 is free to publish to and free to access. Submission to Bio-101 occurs by invitation or self-submission.
At Bio-101, we understand that preparing a detailed protocol can be time-consuming. Therefore, we have a dedicated editing team ready to help the authors in formatting. So, the authors can focus on what matters the most: the content.
  1. Submitting a protocol: Authors are required to submit their protocol draft within two weeks of accepting our invitation or the pre-submission. Please see Protocol Preparation Guidelines for details on how to prepare a protocol draft.
  2. Reformatting: Within one week, our editing team will format and return the protocol draft to the authors. We then request that authors review the formatted draft, fill missing information and return it within a week.
  3. Review process: Each protocol is evaluated by the associate editor and 1-2 reviewers according to our Peer Review Process, which usually takes two weeks. Authors will then be asked to address reviewer comments and revise their draft within two weeks. Reviewers will then confirm within 10 days that the revisions addressed their comments and/or followed their suggestions.
  4. Publishing: Once the reviewers and editors approve the final draft and upon receipt of the signed License to Publish (LTP) agreement, we will release the protocol within one month.
  5. Post-release updates: Because routine protocols hosted by Bio-101 often have unique modifications that vary from lab to lab, readers are allowed to provide line-by-line suggestions via a commenting system. We encourage authors to engage with readers on this platform to ensure that Bio-101 protocols converge toward standard practices in each scientific discipline.