Editorial Board
The Bio-101 Editorial Board includes active expert researchers from multiple life sciences sub-disciplines. Representing diverse research communities around the world, they bring a wealth of experience to the Bio-101 team. They actively and routinely supervise, design and conduct both wet and dry lab experiments, making them extremely well-positioned to identify protocols of value to the life sciences community, and to identify research groups that are most suitable to contribute these protocols. The Board passionately supports the Bio-101 mission and strongly believe in the free and open sharing of experimentally validated and reproducible protocols.
Associate Editors
Salome Botelho
Stanford University
Lu Han
Palo Alto Veterans Institute for Research
Adam Idoine
Carnegie Institution
Chao Jiang
Stanford University
Mirko Messa
Yale University School of Medicine Department of Neuroscience
Sreejith Ramakrishnan
Stanford University
Murugappan Sathappa
Broad Institute
Param Priya Singh
Stanford University
Dilip Thomas
Stanford University
Felipe Vences-Catalán
Department of Medicine, Division of Oncology, Stanford University, USA
Yan Wang
Stanford University
Fei Xiao
Stanford University
Dian Yang
Stanford University
Joe Zhang
Stanford University
Managing Editor