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As the newly released models of  Shark apex uplight vacuum cleaners have been more and more popular to customers and the LZ600 series are among the top picks of this year. In this post, we will see what Shark equipped their first models in this series including LZ600, LZ601 and LZ602.

With the only difference of the number in their names, we may all understand that these three devices are similar to each other in most of their features and the difference may come from the design or use. Before going to these details, let’s see what people like about them.


As soon as being introduced, Shark Apex Upright vacuums with Duoclean LZ600 series strongly impressed customers with their modern design. Unlike the upright models with a bulky and industrial look, the LZ600 series look more similar to stick vacuums but with a consistent appearance and build quality. These vacuums weigh about 11lbs, not really comfortable but bring sturdy feelings to users.

Because of the compact design, the vacuuming range is not impressive but with a 30-feet power cord, you can cover a large room without changing the plugging position.

Shark Uplight LZ600 series come with a small canister, less than 1 dry quart. This may not satisfy many users but the dust cup is located right below the handle, bringing it a balanced and modern look. The cleaning head is also smaller than that of upright models but is equipped with LED lights that support users in low-light conditions.


In general, these three models come with the same technologies. These include the lift-away mode that helps users clean difficult places, the Douclean feature that provides an additional soft brush for improving vacuum efficiency and the Zero-M technology that allows the brush to get rid of the pet hair itself.

The filtration systems of these Shark apex uplight duoclean are also the same with a HEPA filter and the Anti-allergen Complete Seal technology that can trap up to 99% of dirt in every vacuuming area.

Shark Apex Uplight LZ600 series models bring outstanding suction power despite their slender design. This makes them work effectively on bare floors and collect all kinds of debris from large dirt to pet hair. The only downside is that they are not designed for high-pile carpets.


The color is the most obvious factor to distinguish these Shark Apex Uplight Duoclean vacuums. LZ600 appears with the hot pink scheme (also called Magenta), LZ601 is in Forest Mist Blue while LZ602 has an orange (Terracotta) outer.

The provided tools are the remaining difference. LZ600 and LZ601 have a pet multi-tool, but the former comes with another 8-inch crevice tool. On the other hand, LZ602 has no special utensils for pets. Therefore, the first two devices are more suitable for pet owners and the other can be used more in deep cleaning.


You don’t need to ask what is the best among these Shark apex uplight lift-away duoclean vacuums. Just consider your cleaning jobs and choose the color you like; the other things are the same.