Xingfen Li
Research associate

Kehao Liang

Shiwen Yang

Mengjuan Zhang

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Beijing Forestry University

The partitioning of sugars in economically important sink organs such as fruits or seeds is governed by several complex physiological processes, including photosynthetic rate, phloem loading in the source leaf, long-distance translocation in the phloem, phloem unloading in sink organs, post-phloem transport and metabolism of imported sugars in sink cells. Dissecting these processes is crucial to understand the mechanism of the fruit yield and quality formation. Our main focus is to investigate the molecular mechanism of phloem loading and unloading underlying the fruit development and quality formation in Camellia oleifera which is one of the most economically important plant with a high level of edible and healthy camellia oil, known as ‘oriental olive oil’. We also pay close attention to the mechanism of anthocyanin synthesis regulation in blueberry which is rich of anthocyanidin and much helpful to human health. In addition, we are also interested in the production of fruit trees when suffered from abiotic stresses.

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