Cell Biology


    Striatal Synaptosomes Preparation from Mouse Brain
    Authors:  Shiqi Ma and Alexander Sorkin, date: 09/05/2018, view: 2640, Q&A: 0
    The striatum is located in the subcortical region of the forebrain, it contains medium spiny neurons, cholinergic interneurons and GABAergic interneurons, and receives dopaminergic projection in the nigrostriatal pathway. This protocol provides a ...
    RNA Extraction from Wistar Rat Cochlea for qRT-PCR
    Authors:  Janaína Cândida Rodrigues and Rubens Vuono de Brito Neto, date: 12/05/2017, view: 5356, Q&A: 0
    Otology research has developed considerably in recent years and molecular analysis is crucial to identify metabolic pathways and therapeutic targets. However, the structure of the cochlea limits the amount of cell mass, and special care is required ...
    Isolation of Endothelial Cells from Mice
    Author:  Huan Pang, date: 04/20/2012, view: 21157, Q&A: 3
    Endothelial cells line the entire circulatory system, from the heart to the smallest capillary. In this protocol, attaining and maintaining vitality of the organ is critical. Minimizing the processing time between removing the organ and beginning ...
    Stereotaxic Injection of LPS or Your Reagents of Choice into Rat Substantia Nigra
    Author:  Hui-Ming Gao, date: 11/20/2011, view: 10686, Q&A: 0
    Stereotaxic injection is an invaluable tool for the creation of site-targeted lesions, injection of anatomical tracers, gene delivery by recombinant adeno-associated viruses and lentiviruses in mice and rats. Stereotaxic injection of LPS or ...
    Generation of Neuron-enriched Cultures (Method 1)
    Author:  Huiming Gao, date: 11/05/2011, view: 10033, Q&A: 0
    This protocol will guide you through the process for generating midbrain neuronal cultures from late embryo mouse brain. These cultures serve as a useful tool to study molecular pathways during neuronal death in various neurological disorders. This ...
    Generation of Neuron-enriched Cultures (Method 2)
    Author:  Huiming Gao, date: 11/05/2011, view: 11908, Q&A: 0
    Neuron-enriched cultures are a useful tool to study neuronal development and the molecular pathways that come in to play during neuronal death in various neurological disorders. This protocol is for generating midbrain neuronal cultures from late ...
    Generation of Microglia Cultures and Mixed Glial Culture
    Author:  Huiming Gao, date: 11/05/2011, view: 18155, Q&A: 3
    Primary rodent microglia-enriched cultures are the most popular model to study microglial biology in vitro and to explore immune signaling pathways. Mixed glial cultures that contain microglia and astroglia are very useful for investigating ...
    Arabidopsis Pollen Tube Germination
    Author:  Xiyan Li, date: 05/20/2011, view: 17881, Q&A: 0
    This method uses a PEG-supplemented liquid solution to germinate separated Aradidopsis pollen. It thus eliminated the need for humidity control.

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