Mateusz Zelkowski
  • Post-Doc, Plant Biology, Cornell University
Research focus
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Personal information


PhD, Cornell Univeristy, USA


• Hesse, S., Zelkowski, M., Mikhailova, E. I., Keijzer, C. J., Houben, A. and Schubert, V. (2019). Ultrastructure and Dynamics of Synaptonemal Complex Components During Meiotic Pairing and Synapsis of Standard (A) and Accessory (B) Rye Chromosomes. Front Plant Sci 10: 773.
• Zelkowski, M., Zelkowska, K., Conrad, U., Hesse, S., Lermontova, I., Marzec, M., Meister, A., Houben, A. and Schubert, V. (2019). Arabidopsis NSE4 Proteins Act in Somatic Nuclei and Meiosis to Ensure Plant Viability and Fertility. Front Plant Sci 10: 774.
• Zelkowski, M., Olson, M. A., Wang, M. and Pawlowski, W. (2019). Diversity and Determinants of Meiotic Recombination Landscapes. Trends Genet 35(5): 359-370.
• Schubert, V., Zelkowski, M., Klemme, S. and Houben, A. (2016). Similar Sister Chromatid Arrangement in Mono- and Holocentric Plant Chromosomes. Cytogenet Genome Res 149(3): 218-225.
• Gras Navarro, A., Kmiecik, J., Leiss, L., Zelkowski, M., Engelsen, A., Bruserud, O., Zimmer, J., Enger, P. O. and Chekenya, M. (2014). NK cells with KIR2DS2 immunogenotype have a functional activation advantage to efficiently kill glioblastoma and prolong animal survival. J Immunol 193(12): 6192-6206.
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