Melike Çağlayan
  • Assist. Prof., University of Florida
Research focus
  • Biochemistry
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Lab information

Caglayan Lab

1) Caglayan M. and Wilson S.H. Pol μ dGTP mismatch insertion opposite T coupled with ligation reveals a promutagenic DNA intermediate during double strand break repair. Nature Communications (2018) 9: 4213.
2) Horton J.K., Stefanick D.F., Caglayan M., Zhao M.L., Gassman N.R., Wilson S.H. XRCC1 phosphorylation affects aprataxin recruitment and DNA deadenylation activity. DNA Repair (2018) – 64: 26 – 33.
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4) Caglayan M., Prasad R., Krasich R., Longley M.J., Kadoda K., Tsuda M., Sasanuma H., Takeda S., Tano K., Copeland W.C., Wilson S.H. Complementation of aprataxin deficiency by base excision repair enzymes in mitochondrial extracts. Nucleic Acids Research (2017) 17: 10079 – 10088.
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