Jason Reuter
Research focus
  • Immunology
  • 4 Author merit
4 Protocols published
Subcutaneous Injection of Tumor Cells
Author:  Jason Reuter, date: 12/20/2011, view: 55687, Q&A: 2
Growth of cells in the subcutaneous space of immunocompromised mice is a common method for assaying tumorigenic potential in vivo. This technique is also used to assess the effects of therapeutic interventions on cancer cell lines.
Isolation of Primary Human Keratinocytes from Foreskin
Author:  Jason Reuter, date: 12/20/2011, view: 15751, Q&A: 0
Keratinocytes are the primary constituents of human skin, the functional barrier between our bodies and the external environment. The balance between keratinocyte differentiation and self-renewal is crucial to skin homeostasis. Primary keratinocyte ...
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