He Huang
  • Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, USA
Research fields
  • Plant science
Personal information


Ph.D in Dept. of Plant Biology, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, MN, USA, 2012

Current Position

Postdoctoral Associate at Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, St. Louis, MO


  1. Huang, H., Yoo, C. Y., Bindbeutel, R., Goldsworthy, J., Tielking, A., Alvarez, S., Naldrett, M. J., Evans, B. S., Chen, M. and Nusinow, D. A. (2016). PCH1 integrates circadian and light-signaling pathways to control photoperiod-responsive growth in Arabidopsis. Elife 5: e13292.
  2. Huang, H., Alvarez, S., Bindbeutel, R., Shen, Z., Naldrett, M. J., Evans, B. S., Briggs, S. P., Hicks, L. M., Kay, S. A. and Nusinow, D. A. (2016). Identification of Evening Complex Associated Proteins in Arabidopsis by Affinity Purification and Mass Spectrometry. Mol Cell Proteomics 15(1): 201-217.
  3. Huang, H. and Nusinow, D. A. (2016). Into the Evening: Complex Interactions in the Arabidopsis Circadian Clock. Trends Genet 32(10): 674-686.
  4. Huang, H., Alvarez, S. and Nusinow, D. A. (2016). Data on the identification of protein interactors with the Evening Complex and PCH1 in Arabidopsis using tandem affinity purification and mass spectrometry (TAP-MS). Data Brief 8: 56-60.
  5. Huang, H., Quint, M. and Gray, W. M. (2013). The eta7/csn3-3 auxin response mutant of Arabidopsis defines a novel function for the CSN3 subunit of the COP9 signalosome. PLoS One 8(6): e66578.
  6. Zhang, W., Ito, H., Quint, M., Huang, H., Noel, L. D. and Gray, W. M. (2008). Genetic analysis of CAND1-CUL1 interactions in Arabidopsis supports a role for CAND1-mediated cycling of the SCFTIR1 complex. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 105(24): 8470-8475.
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