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Doctor, Postgraduate Study Abroad Program supported by China Scholarship Council, China Agricultural University and Carnegie Institution for Science, Stanford, 2012


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3 Protocols reviewed
Measuring Arabidopsis, Tomato and Barley Leaf Relative Water Content (RWC)
Authors:  Nir Sade, Eyal Galkin and Menachem Moshelion, date: 04/20/2015, view: 12097, Q&A: 0
Measuring leaf relative water content (RWC) is a reliable and simple way to assess the water status of a leaf without any need for special equipment. Similar to leaf water potential, leaf RWC gives a strong indication of the plant’s response to ...
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Determination of Soluble Sugars in Arabidopsis thaliana Leaves by Anion Exchange Chromatography
Authors:  M. Isabel Ortiz-Marchena, M. Teresa Ruiz, Federico Valverde and José M. Romero, date: 12/05/2014, view: 13316, Q&A: 1
Determination of soluble sugars is basic for the study of carbon metabolism in plants. Soluble sugar quantitation can be achieved by enzymatic methods implying different coupled reactions. Here we describe a simple method that allows rapid ...
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Authors:  海波 单 and Jianguo Ruan, date: 12/20/2021, view: 652, Q&A: 0

The α-β tubulin heterodimer undergoes subtle conformational changes during microtubule assembly. These can be modulated by external factors, whose effects on microtubule structure can be characterized on 2D views obtained by cryo-electron microscopy. Analysis of microtubule images is facilitated if they are straight enough to interpret

Rhizoctonia solani Infection Assay of Young Sugar Beet and Arabidopsis plantlets
Authors:  Fredrik Dölfors, Louise Holmquist, Georgios Tzelepis and Christina Dixelius, date: 01/20/2022, view: 1426, Q&A: 0

Rhizoctonia solani is a soil-borne fungus, which rarely produces any spores in culture. Hence, all inoculation procedures are based on mycelia, often as a coat on cereal kernels, placed in close vicinity to the plant to be infected. In this protocol, an inoculation method is described where the fungus is first allowed to infest a perlite-maize

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