Xiaoqing Qu
  • Director of Scientific Affairs, Bio-protocol
Research fields
  • Plant Science, Stem Cell
Personal information


Doctor, China Agricultural University, China; Carnegie Institution for Science, Stanford, USA (2012)

Research focus

Xiaoqing is a biotechnology graduate from Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University and holds a Ph.D. in Resources and Environment Biotechnology from China Agricultural University. Her research at the Carnegie Institution for Science was conducted as part of a joint Ph.D. program, and she continued her work there as a Postdoctoral Associate.

Her research has been focused on plant biology, particularly on the molecular mechanisms involved in plant stress responses and nutrient transport. During her Ph.D. studies, she dedicated her efforts to elucidating the molecular processes of phloem transport in Arabidopsis thaliana, mediated by the sucrose transporter family AtSWEETs. Furthering her research in her postdoctoral role, she delved into the protein interaction networks of Arabidopsis and identified the functions of sugar exporters.

In 2016, Xiaoqing joined the Bio-protocol team, first as an Executive Editor and then as the Director of Scientific Affairs.


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