Ignacio Lescano Unidad de Estudios Agropecuarios (UDEA-CONICET)
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RAMESH KUDIRA Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Cincinnati
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Avinash Chandra Pandey
  • Research scientist, CIMMYT-BISA
Research focus
  • Crop Improvement

    Breeding methods, Genetics concept, Crop Physiology, Quantitative/ Biometrical/ Population Statistical Genetics Methods, Crop Biotic and Abiotic Stress, Crop Quality, Ionomics/ Crop fortification for essential elements and complex compounds, Crop Phenotyping/ Phenomics,
    Crop Ecology and Evolution, Crop Diversity and Evolution, Crop IPR related issues


PhD (Agriculture) Plant Breeding and Genetics, Jawaharlal Nehru Agriculture University, Jabalpur, India, 2010

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4 Protocols reviewed
OxiDIP-Seq for Genome-wide Mapping of Damaged DNA Containing 8-Oxo-2'-Deoxyguanosine
Authors:  Francesca Gorini, Giovanni Scala, Susanna Ambrosio, Barbara Majello and Stefano Amente, date: 11/05/2022, view: 357, Q&A: 0

8-oxo-7,8-dihydro-2′-deoxyguanosine (8-oxodG) is considered to be a premutagenic DNA lesion generated by 2'-deoxyguanosine (dG) oxidation due to reactive oxygen species (ROS). In recent years, the 8-oxodG distribution in human, mouse, and

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Chromatographic Analysis for Targeted Metabolomics of Antioxidant and Flavor-Related Metabolites in Tomato
Authors:  Nergiz Gürbüz Çolak, Neslihan Tek Eken, Anne Frary and Sami Doğanlar, date: 03/05/2021, view: 3509, Q&A: 0

Targeted metabolomics is a useful approach to evaluate crop breeding studies. Antioxidant and flavor-related traits are of increasing interest and are considered quality traits in tomato breeding. The present study presents chromatographic methods

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