Bassam A. Elgamoudi
  • Research Associate, Griffith University Southport
Research fields
  • Microbiology
Personal information


PhD, University of Leicester, 2016

Lab information

The Korolik Group is currently focused on studying the role of bacterial chemotaxis in pathogenicity and bacteria-host interactions, specifically, on deciphering ligand binding specificities of transmembrane chemosensory proteins of Campylobacter jejuni, Campylobacter fetus and Helicobacter pylori. Recent breakthroughs of the Korolik group are highlighted by the discovery of a novel class of bacterial chemosensors with broad ligand specificities that may be related to sensing of the host molecules, and thus, may play a role in host-bacterial interactions. The group is currently developing a new research area focused on biofilm formation and its role in disease transmission for campylobacters.

Research focus

bacterial chemotaxis,Biofilm, Campylobacter jejuni, Host-pathogen interactions


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