Joel Zindel University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland Bern
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Daniel Candinas
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Paul Kubes
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Deborah Stroka
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Julia Bayer
  • Ph. D. Candidate, University of Bern
Research focus
  • Cell biology
  • 1 Author merit



1 Protocol published
Combination of Sterile Injury and Microbial Contamination to Model Post-surgical Peritoneal Adhesions in Mice
Authors:  Julia Bayer, Deborah Stroka, Paul Kubes, Daniel Candinas and Joel Zindel, date: 08/20/2022, view: 1215, Q&A: 0

Abdominal surgeries are frequently associated with the development of post-surgical adhesions. These are irreversible fibrotic scar bands that appear between abdominal organs and the abdominal wall. Patients suffering from adhesions are at risk of

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