Purusharth Rajyaguru Indian Institute of Science Bengaluru
1 protocol

Raju Roy
  • Ph. D. Candidate, Indian Institute of Science Bengaluru
Research focus
  • RNA granules, stress granule, P-bodies, messenger ribonucleoprotein, RNA binding proteins,
  • 1 Author merit


Master of Science, Tezpur University, 2015

Lab information

Purusharth Rajyaguru Lab


1 Protocol published
Assay to Study the Phase-transition Behavior of Edc3, a Conserved Processing Body (P-body) Marker Protein
Authors:  Raju Roy and Purusharth I. Rajyaguru, date: 08/20/2022, view: 1329, Q&A: 0

RNA granules are conserved, non-membranous, biphasic structures predominantly composed of RNA and RNA-binding proteins. RNA granules often assemble as a result of cellular responses to a variety of stresses, including infection. Two types of RNA

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