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Brian Munsky Colorado State University Fort Collins
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William Raymond Colorado State University Fort Collins
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Linda S. Forero-Quintero
  • Post-Doc, Colorado State University Fort Collins
Research focus
  • My research focuses on studying transcription dynamics at a single-copy gene and single-molecule resolution level. To this aim, I employ two main techniques: (1) FabLEM: Fab (fragmented antibodies)-based imaging of Live, Endogenous Modifications to identify posttranslational modifications such as phosphorylations, acetylations, methylations, e.g., Ser5ph of RNAP2. (2) smiFISH (single-molecule inexpensive fluorescence in situ hybridization) to light up endogenous genes transcriptionally active and inactive. Currently, I am studying the gene expression of pro- and counter-inflammatory genes upon stimulation with cytokines and glucocorticoids.
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PhD, University of Kaiserslautern, 2016

Lab information

Timothy Stasevich and Brian Munsky Labs


1 Protocol published
Visualization, Quantification, and Modeling of Endogenous RNA Polymerase II Phosphorylation at a Single-copy Gene in Living Cells
Authors:  Linda S. Forero-Quintero, William Raymond, Brian Munsky and Timothy J. Stasevich, date: 08/05/2022, view: 366, Q&A: 0

In eukaryotic cells, RNA Polymerase II (RNAP2) is the enzyme in charge of transcribing mRNA from DNA. RNAP2 possesses an extended carboxy-terminal domain (CTD) that gets dynamically phosphorylated as RNAP2 progresses through the transcription cycle,

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