Juergen Westermann University of Luebeck Luebeck
2 protocols

Julia Belde University of Luebeck Luebeck
2 protocols

Markus Niebuhr University of Luebeck Luebeck
2 protocols

Farbod Bahreini University of Luebeck Luebeck
2 protocols

Kathrin Kalies
  • Faculty, University of Luebeck Luebeck
Research focus
  • T cell repertoire, Tfh cells, autoimmunity
  • 2 Author merit

Lab information

Kalies lab

2 Protocols published
Protocol to Isolate Germinal Centers by Laser Microdissection
Authors:  Farbod Bahreini, Markus Niebuhr, Julia Belde, Jürgen Westermann and Kathrin Kalies, date: 06/05/2022, view: 647, Q&A: 0

During adaptive immune responses, germinal centers (GC) appear as transient microstructures, in which antigen-specific B and T cells interact with each other. Because only the antigen-activated B and T cells, such as Plasmablasts or follicular T

Protocol to Induce Follicular T Helper Cells, Germinal Centers, and Skin Lesions in Mouse Models for Skin Blistering Diseases

Autoreactive T cells in autoantibody-mediated autoimmune diseases can be divided into two major subsets: (i) follicular T helper cells (Tfh) that provide T cell help in germinal centers (GC) and (ii) effector T (Teff) cells that immigrate into

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