Ai-bing Zhang
  • Faculty, College of Life Sciences, Capital Normal University
Research fields
  • Ecology, 昆虫基因组学, 昆虫进化, 鳞翅目昆虫学, DNA条码算法
Personal information

Lab information

首都师范大学 遗传多样性与进化实验室

Research focus


1.Yang,B, Z.X. Zhang, C.Q. Yang, Y. Wang, Mi. C. Orr, H.B. Wang, A.B. Zhang. (2021). Identification of Species by Combining Molecular and Morphological Data Using Convolutional Neural Networks, Systematic Biology, 2021; syab076,
2. Yang, C. Q., Q. Lv and A.B.Zhang. (2020) Sixteen Years’ DNA barcoding in China: What has been done, what can be done? Front Ecol Evol.8:57.
3. Hao, M.D., Q. Jin, G.L. Meng, C.Q. Yang, S.Z. Yang, Z.Y. Shi, M. Tang, S.L. Liu, Y.N. Li, D. Zhang, X. Su, C. Shih, Y.R. Sun, X. Zhou* and A.B.Zhang*. (2020) Regional assemblages shaped by diverse historical and contemporary factors: evidence from a species-rich insect group. Mol Ecol.29:2492-2510. DOI: 10.1111/MEC.15412
4. Zhang, X.M., Z.Y. Shi, S. Q. Zhang, P. Zhang, J.J. Wilson, C.K. Shih, Jing Li, X.D. Li, G.Y. Yu, A. B. Zhang.(2021).Plant-herbivorous insect networks: who is eating what revealed by long-barcodes using high-throughput sequencing and Trinity assembly. Insect Sci. 28:127–143. DOI: 10.1111/1744-7917.12749.
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