Xin Wang
1 protocol

Michael Irwin University of New Hampshire Durham
1 protocol

Rick H. Cote
  • Faculty, University of New Hampshire Durham
Research focus
  • Biochemistry
  • 1 Author merit


Ph.D., Univ Wisconsin, 1980

1 Protocol published
Reconstitution of Membrane-associated Components of a G-protein Signaling Pathway on Membrane-coated Nanoparticles (Lipobeads)
Authors:  Michael J. Irwin, Xin Wang and Rick H. Cote, date: 01/20/2022, view: 778, Q&A: 0

G-protein coupled signaling pathways are organized into multi-protein complexes called signalosomes that are located within and on cellular membranes. We describe the use of silica nanoparticles coated with a unilamellar phospholipid bilayer

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