Sumeet Nayak
  • Senior Scientist, KSQ Therapeutics, Inc
Research fields
  • Cancer Biology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology
Personal information


Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Medical School, 2020

Lab information

Sharon Cantor Lab

Research focus

DNA damage and repair, Replication stress and stress response, Cancer therapy response


• Nayak, S., and Cantor, S. B. S1 nuclease fiber assay. Bio-protocol (2020).
• Nayak, S., and Cantor, S. B. Immunofluorescence staining protocol to detect ssDNA (CldU) and active replication (EdU). Bio-protocol (2020).
• Nayak, S., Calvo, J.A., Cong, K., Peng, M., Berthiaume, E., Jackson, J., Zaino, A.M., Vindigni, A., Hadden, M.K., and Cantor, S.B. Inhibition of the translesion synthesis polymerase REV1 exploits replication gaps as a cancer vulnerability. Science Advances (2020).
• Awate, S., Sommers, J.A., Datta, A., Nayak, S., Bellani, M.A., Yang, O., Dunn, C.A., Nicolae, C.M., Moldovan, G-L., Seidman, M.M., Cantor, S.B., and Brosh, Jr. R.M. FANCJ compensates for RAP80 deficiency and suppresses genomic instability induced by interstrand cross-links. Nucleic Acid Research (2020).
• Panzarino, N.J., Krais, J., Peng, M., Mosqueda, M., Nayak, S., Bond, S., Calvo, J., Cong, K., Doshi, M., Bere, M., et al. Replication gaps underlie BRCA-deficiency and therapy response. (2019). bioRxiv, 781955. (Under revision at Cancer Research).
• Cong, K., Kousholt, A.N., Peng, M., Panzarino, N.J., Lee, W.T.C., Nayak, S., Krais, J., Calvo, J., Bere, M., Rothenberg, E., et al. PARPi synthetic lethality derives from replication-associated single-stranded DNA gaps. (2019). bioRxiv, 781989. (In preparation).
• Fuhrmann, C., Fenn, S.L., Hidalgo, D., Horowitz, B.B., Loring, H.S., Nayak, S., Spears, M.E., Weaver, G.C., & Lane, M.E. Creating the “new normal”: Career development embedded into the Ph.D. curriculum for all trainees. Book chapter “BEST: Implementing Career Development Activities for Biomedical Research Trainees (2020).
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