Patricia Prada-Dacasa
  • PhD student, Cell Biology, Physiology and Immunology, Autonomous University of Barcelona, 2020
Research fields
  • Molecular biology
Personal information


MSc, University of Barcelona, Spain, 2015


• Bolea, I., Gella, A., Sanz, E., Prada-Dacasa, P., Menardy, F., Bard, A. M., Machuca-Marquez, P., Eraso-Pichot, A., Modol-Caballero, G., Navarro, X., Kalume, F. and Quintana, A. (2019). Defined neuronal populations drive fatal phenotype in a mouse model of Leigh syndrome. Elife 8.
• Perez-Roca, L., Prada-Dacasa, P., Segu-Verges, C., Gamez-Valero, A., Serrano-Munoz, M. A., Santos, C. and Beyer, K. (2019). Glucocerebrosidase regulators SCARB2 and TFEB are up-regulated in Lewy body disease brain. Neurosci Lett 706: 164-168.
• Gamez-Valero, A., Prada-Dacasa, P., Santos, C., Adame-Castillo, C., Campdelacreu, J., Rene, R., Gascon-Bayarri, J., Ispierto, L., Alvarez, R., Ariza, A. and Beyer, K. (2016). GBA Mutations Are Associated With Earlier Onset and Male Sex in Dementia With Lewy Bodies. Mov Disord 31(7): 1066-1070.
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