俊波 of 梁
  • School of Basic Medicine Peking Union Medical College
Research fields
  • Cancer biology
Personal information

Research focus

CRISPR genome editing; Functional genomics by CRISPR high-throughput screening; Molecular mechnism underlying hepatocarcinogenesis and liver regeneration


Liang, J., Liu, H., Li, G., Qian, J., Gao, R., Zhou, Y., and Wang, X. (2020a). Global changes in chromatin accessibility and transcription following ATRX inactivation in human cancer cells. FEBS Lett 594, 67-78.
Liang, J., Zhao, H., Diplas, B.H., Liu, S., Liu, J., Wang, D., Lu, Y., Zhu, Q., Wu, J., Wang, W., et al. (2020b). Genome-Wide CRISPR-Cas9 Screen Reveals Selective Vulnerability of ATRX-Mutant Cancers to WEE1 Inhibition. Cancer Res 80, 510-523.
Zhao, B., Ni, C., Gao, R., Wang, Y., Yang, L., Wei, J., Lv, T., Liang, J., Zhang, Q., Xu, W., et al. (2020). Recapitulation of SARS-CoV-2 infection and cholangiocyte damage with human liver ductal organoids. Protein Cell.
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