Giuseppe Calamita Department of Biosciences, Biotechnologies and Biopharmaceutics, University of Bari “Aldo Moro”, Bari, 2008-2020
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Michael Rutzler 1 protocol

Sabino Matera Department of Biosciences, Biotechnologies and Biopharmaceutics, University of Bari “Aldo Moro”, 2016-2020
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Piero Portincasa 1 protocol

Yonathan Sonntag
  • Post-Doc, Division of Biochemistry and Structural Biology, Lund University, 2012-2020
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PhD in Structural Biology, Aarhus University, Sweden, 2011


• Yuvaraj, J. K., Roberts, R. E., Sonntag, Y., Hou, X., Grosse-Wilde, E., Machara, A., Hansson, B. S., Johanson, U., Löfstedt, C., Andersson, M. N. (2020). Putative ligand binding sites of two functionally characterized bark beetle odorant receptors. bioRxiv 2020.03.07.980797
• Sonntag, Y., Gena, P., Maggio, A., Singh, T., Artner, I., Oklinski, M. K., Johanson, U., Kjellbom, P., Nieland, J. D., Nielsen, S., Calamita, G. and Rutzler, M. (2019). Identification and characterization of potent and selective aquaporin-3 and aquaporin-7 inhibitors. J Biol Chem 294(18): 7377-7387.
• Corcoran, J. A., Sonntag, Y., Andersson, M. N., Johanson, U. and Löfstedt, C. (2018). Endogenous insensitivity to the Orco agonist VUAA1 reveals novel olfactory receptor complex properties in the specialist fly Mayetiola destructor. Sci Rep 8(1): 3489.
• Kirscht, A., Sonntag, Y., Kjellbom, P., Johanson, U. (2018). A structural preview of aquaporin 8 via homology modeling of seven vertebrate isoforms. BMC Structural Biology 18(1):2
• Ampah-Korsah, H., Sonntag, Y., Engfors, A., Kirscht, A., Kjellbom, P. and Johanson, U. (2017). Single amino acid substitutions in the selectivity filter render NbXIP1;1α aquaporin water permeable. BMC Plant Biology 17.
• Autzen, H. E., Siuda, I., Sonntag, Y., Nissen, P., Moller, J. V. and Thogersen, L. (2015). Regulation of the Ca2+-ATPase by cholesterol: a specific or non-specific effect? Mol Membr Biol 32(3): 75-87.
• Sonntag, Y., Musgaard, M., Olesen, C., Schiott, B., Moller, J. V., Nissen, P. and Thogersen, L. (2011). Mutual adaptation of a membrane protein and its lipid bilayer during conformational changes. Nat Commun 2: 304.
• Sejdiu, B. I. and Tieleman, D. P. (2020). Lipid-Protein Interactions Are a Unique Property and Defining Feature of G Protein-Coupled Receptors. Biophysical Journal 118(8): 1887-1900.
• Winther, A. M., Liu, H., Sonntag, Y., Olesen, C., le Maire, M., Soehoel, H., Olsen, C. E., Christensen, S. B., Nissen, P. and Moller, J. V. (2010). Critical roles of hydrophobicity and orientation of side chains for inactivation of sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+-ATPase with thapsigargin and thapsigargin analogs. J Biol Chem 285(37): 28883-28892.
• Egeblad-Welin, L., Sonntag, Y., Eklund, H. and Munch-Petersen, B. (2007). Functional studies of active-site mutants from Drosophila melanogaster deoxyribonucleoside kinase. Investigations of the putative catalytic glutamate-arginine pair and of residues responsible for substrate specificity. FEBS J 274(6): 1542-1551.
1 Protocol published
Stopped-flow Light Scattering Analysis of Red Blood Cell Glycerol Permeability
Stopped-Flow Light Scattering (SFLS) is a method devised to analyze the kinetics of fast chemical reactions that result in a significant change of the average molecular weight and/or in the shape of the reaction substrates. Several modifications of ...
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