Libin Ye
  • Faculty, University of South Florida Tampa
Research focus
  • Biochemistry
  • Quantitative Conformations, Dynamics, and Signal Transduction of Membrane Proteins (GPCRs and Transporters); Solution-state NMR; Pharmacology;Pathogenic Biofilm Formation (Biosynthesis of Polysaccharide)
  • 1 Author merit

Lab information

1 Protocol published
Expression and Purification of Yeast-derived GPCR, Gα and Gβγ Subunits for Structural and Dynamic Studies
Authors:  Wenjie Zhao, Xudong Wang and Libin Ye, date: 02/20/2021, view: 5170, Q&A: 0

In the last several years, as evidence of a surged number of GPCR-G complex structures, the expressions of GPCRs and G proteins for structural biology have achieved tremendous successes, mostly in insect and mammalian cell systems, resulting in more

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