Natália Do Couto
  • Post-Doc, University of Illinois at Chicago
Research fields
  • Cell Biology, Cardiovascular Sciences, Vascular Biology
Personal information


PhD in Cell Biology, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil, 2020

Lab information

Irena Levitan Lab

Research focus

Cardiovascular diseases, Lipoproteins, dyslipidemia, hypertension, Flow-induced dilation

Rezende L, Couto NF, Fernandes-Braga W, Epshtein Y, Alvarez-Leite JI, Levitan I, Andrade LO (2022). OxLDL induces membrane structure rearrangement leading to biomechanics alteration and migration deficiency in macrophage. Biochim Biophys Acta Biomembr. 2022 Apr 30;1864(9):183951.

Ahn SJ, Fancher IS, Granados ST, Do Couto NF, Hwang C-L, Phillips SA, Levitan I (2022). Cholesterol- Induced Suppression of Endothelial Kir Channels Is a Driver of Impairment of Arteriolar Flow-Induced Vasodilation in Humans. In Hypertension (Vol. 79, Issue 1, pp. 126–138).

Couto, NF; Queiroz-Oliveira, T.; Horta, MF; Castro-Gomes, T; Andrade, LO (2020). Measuring intracellular vesicle density and dispersion using fluorescence labeling. Bio-Protocols. 2020 Aug 5;10(15):e3703.

Couto, NF; Rezende, L; Fernandes-Braga, W; Alves, AP; Agero, U; Alvarez- Leite, J; Damasceno, NRT; Castro-Gomes, T; Andrade, LO (2020). OxLDL alterations in endothelial cell membrane dynamics leads to changes in vesicle trafficking and increases cell susceptibility to injury. BBA - Biomembranes v.1862.

Soares Cavalcante-Costa, V; Costa-Reginaldo, M; Queiroz-Oliveira, T; Silva Oliveira, AC; Couto, NF; Dos Anjos, DO; Lima-Santos, J; Andrade, LO; Horta, MF; Castro-Gomes, T (2019). Leishmania amazonensis hijacks host cell lysosomes involved in plasma membrane repair to induce invasion in fibroblasts. Journal Of Cell Science, v. 132.

Couto, NF; Pedersane, D; Rezende, L; Dias, PP; Corbani, TL; Bentini, LC; Oliveira, ACS; Kelles, LF; Castro- Gomes, T; Andrade, LO (2017). LAMP-2 absence interferes with plasma membrane repair and decreases T. cruzi host cell invasion. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, v. 11. journal.pntd.0005657

Dias, PP; Capila, RF; Couto, NF; Estrada, D; Gadelha, FR; Radi, R; Piacenza, L; Andrade, LO (2017). Cardiomyocyte oxidants production may signal to T. cruzi intracellular development. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, v. 11.

Botelho-Santos, GA; Couto, NF; Almeida, SA; Rocha, CCD; Fernandes-Filho, J; Da Silva, SF (2017). Comparison and consistency of body fat estimation in children using three doubly indirect methods. REVISTA DE LA FACULTAD DE MEDICINA, v. 65, p. 609-614.
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