Alfano Luigi National Cancer Institute Pascale Foundation
2 protocols

Antonio Giordano Professor, Department of Biology and Medicine, Temple University, Pennsylvania (PA), 2001-2000; Director, Sbarro Health Research Organization, Temple University, Pennsylvania (PA),2000
2 protocols

Francesca Pentimalli Group Leader, National Cancer Institute of Naples, IRCCS Pascale Foundation, CROM, Oncology Research Center of Mercogliano, Italy, 2007-
2 protocols

Angela Altieri Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine, Sbarro Institute, Philadelphia, 2016-2020
1 protocol

Milena Dell'Aquila
  • 1 Author merit
1 Protocol published
SMART (Single Molecule Analysis of Resection Tracks) Technique for Assessing DNA end-Resection in Response to DNA Damage
DNA double strand breaks (DSBs) are among the most toxic lesions affecting genome integrity. DSBs are mainly repaired through non-homologous end joining (NHEJ) and homologous recombination (HR). A crucial step of the HR process is the generation, ...
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