Odilia Corneth Erasmus MC Rotterdam
1 protocol

Rudi Hendriks Pulmonary Medicine Erasmus MC Rotterdam
1 protocol

Jasper Rip
  • Msc, Pulmonary Medicine Erasmus MC Rotterdam
Research focus
  • Immunology
  • 1 Author merit


MSc, Erasmus MC Rotterdam, 2016


1 Protocol published
A Versatile Protocol to Quantify BCR-mediated Phosphorylation in Human and Murine B Cell Subpopulations
Authors:  Jasper Rip, Rudi W. Hendriks and Odilia B. J. Corneth, date: 02/05/2021, view: 2178, Q&A: 0

Signal transduction is the process by which molecular signals are transmitted from the cell surface to its interior, resulting in functional changes inside the cell. B cell receptor (BCR) signaling is of crucial importance for B cells, as it

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