Terry Rabbitts
  • Research scientist, Institute of Cancer Research Sutton
Research fields
  • Cancer Biology, Immunology, Molecular Biology
Personal information



Lab information

Terry Rabbitts' lab

Research focus

My lab focuses on technology development and use of synthetic intracellular immunology for producing antibody fragments as drugs. The target focus is mutant RAS and chromosomal translocation proteins such as LMO2 in T-ALL and MYCC in Burkitt’s lymphoma plus methods to target translocation fusion proteins.
In particular, I aim to develop drugs to LMO2. This oncogenic protein comes from a gene that I originally cloned from a chromosomal translocation, and, when successful with anti-LMO2 drugs, I will have used molecular cloning and molecular biology, mouse biology and pre-clinical modelling, cell biology, chemical biology and LMO2 drug discovery to typify genotype-specific therapeutics.

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