Ben G. Watson
  • Ph.D. Candidate, Biology, Purdue University, 2018-2020
Research fields
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Personal information


Bachelors of Science, Purdue University, USA, 2018


• Sanyal, A., Dutta, S., Camara, A., Chandran, A., Koller, A., Watson, B. G., Sengupta, R., Ysselstein, D., Montenegro, P., Cannon, J., Rochet, J. C. and Mattoo, S. (2019). Alpha-Synuclein Is a Target of Fic-Mediated Adenylylation/AMPylation: Possible Implications for Parkinson's Disease. J Mol Biol 431(12): 2266-2282.
• Sanyal, A., Zbornik, E. A., Watson, B. G., Christoffer, C., Ma, J., Kihara, D. and Mattoo, S. (2018). Kinetic And Structural Parameters Governing Fic-Mediated Adenylylation/AMPylation of the Hsp70 chaperone, BiP/GRP78. bioRxiv: 494930.
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