Mariska S. Simpson
  • PhD Candidate, GI Cell Biology, Boston Children's Hospital, 2018-2020
Research fields
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Personal information


MSc, Utrecht University, Netherlands, 2018


• Grey, M. J., Cloots, E., Simpson, M. S., LeDuc, N., Serebrenik, Y. V., De Luca, H., De Sutter, D., Luong, P., Thiagarajah, J. R., Paton, A. W., Paton, J. C., Seeliger, M. A., Eyckerman, S., Janssens, S. and Lencer, W. I. (2020). IRE1beta negatively regulates IRE1alpha signaling in response to endoplasmic reticulum stress. J Cell Biol 219(2).
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