Chiara Ambrogio University of Turin
48 protocols

Kuldeep Attri Eppley Institute of Cancer Research, UNMC
3 protocols

Samuel S Hinman
  • Post-Doc, University of Washington
Research focus
  • Cell biology
  • Biotechnology, diagnostics, sensors, and biochemical interfaces


Ph.D., University of California, Riverside, 2017

Lab information

Allbritton Lab, Department of Bioengineering, University of Washington


1 Protocol reviewed
Generation of Mouse Primary Hypothalamic Neuronal Cultures for Circadian Bioluminescence Assays
Authors:  Cosima X. Schmidt, Anthony H. Tsang and Henrik Oster, date: 03/05/2021, view: 1072, Q&A: 0

An endogenous circadian clock system enables organisms to adapt to time-of-day dependent environmental changes. In consequence, most physiological processes exhibit daily rhythms of, e.g., energy metabolism, immune function, sleep, or hormone

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