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Paul E Squires
  • Professor of Biomedical Science, University of Lincoln Lincoln
Research focus
  • Cell biology
  • My research into diabetes mellitus, aims to better understand the sub-cellular mechanisms that regulate insulin secretion and action in health and disease. A common theme linking our work is determining how cell-cell adhesion, cell-coupling and cell-to-cell communication synchronise cellular activity and function within the renal nephron and pancreatic islet.
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PhD, University of Sheffield, 1988

Lab information

Squires/Hills Lab

1 Protocol published
Carboxyfluorescein Dye Uptake to Measure Connexin-mediated Hemichannel Activity in Cultured Cells

Connexins are membrane bound proteins that facilitate direct and local paracrine mediated cell-to-cell communication through their ability to oligomerise into hexameric hemichannels. When neighbouring channels align, they form gap-junctions that

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