Elisa Greotti
  • Research scientist, Neuroscience Institute, CNR, 2016-
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Ph.D., University of Padova, Italy, 2015


• Pendin, D., Fasolato, C., Basso, E., Filadi, R., Greotti, E., Galla, L., Gomiero, C., Leparulo, A., Redolfi, N., Scremin, E., Vajente, N., Pozzan, T. and Pizzo, P. (2019). Familial Alzheimer's disease presenilin-2 mutants affect Ca2+ homeostasis and brain network excitability. Aging Clin Exp Res.
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• Greotti, E., Capitanio, P., Wong, A., Pozzan, T., Pizzo, P. and Pendin, D. (2019). Familial Alzheimer's disease-linked presenilin mutants and intracellular Ca2+ handling: A single-organelle, FRET-based analysis. Cell Calcium 79: 44-56.
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