Amberley Stephens Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Cambridge, Cambridge
7 protocols

Vikash Verma University of Massachusetts
13 protocols

  • Post-Doc, YINNIAN FENG
Research focus
  • Immunology
  • Biophysics; High-throughput; Microfluidics; Single molecule technology; T-cell Immunology


PhD, Vanderbilt University, 2018

Lab information

Polly Fordyce's Lab

2 Protocols reviewed
Spin Labeling of RNA Using “Click” Chemistry for Coarse-grained Structure Determination via Pulsed Electron-electron Double Resonance Spectroscopy
Authors:  Maria F. Vicino, Tobias Hett and Olav Schiemann, date: 05/05/2021, view: 3704, Q&A: 0

Understanding the function of oligonucleotides on a molecular level requires methods for studying their structure, conformational changes, and internal dynamics. Various biophysical methods exist to achieve this, including the whole toolbox of

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An in vitro DNA Sensor-based Assay to Measure Receptor-specific Adhesion Forces of Eukaryotic Cells and Pathogens
Authors:  Maurizio Wack, Tina Wiegand, Friedrich Frischknecht and E. Ada Cavalcanti-Adam, date: 09/05/2020, view: 3451, Q&A: 0
Motility of eukaryotic cells or pathogens within tissues is mediated by the turnover of specific interactions with other cells or with the extracellular matrix. Biophysical characterization of these ligand-receptor adhesions helps to unravel the ...
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