Tugba Sezgin Arslan
  • PhD candidate, Department of Chemistry, Ankara University
Research fields
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Personal information


MSc, Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Turkey, 2019


• Arslan Y.E., Efe B., Sezgin A.T., "A novel method for constructing an acellular 3D biomatrix from bovine spinal cord for neural tissue engineering applications", Biotechnology Progress, vol.April, pp.2814-2814, 2019.
• Arslan Y.E., Galata Y.F., Sezgin Arslan T., Derkus B., "Trans-differentiation of human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells into cardiomyocyte-like cells on decellularized bovine myocardial extracellular matrix-based films", JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE-MATERIALS IN MEDICINE, vol.29, pp.127-127, 2018.
• Arslan Y.E., Sezgin Arslan T., Derkus B., Emregul E., Emregul K.C., "Fabrication of human hair keratin/jellyfish collagen/eggshell-derived hydroxyapatite osteoinductive biocomposite scaffolds for bone tissue engineering: From waste to regenerative medicine products", COLLOİDS AND SURFACES B-BİOİNTERFACES, vol.154, pp.160-170, 2017.
• Erten E., Arslan T.S., Derkus B., Arslan Y.E., "Detergent-free decellularization of bovine costal cartilage for chondrogenic differentiation of human adipose mesenchymal stem cells in vitro", RSC ADVANCES, vol.6, pp.94236-94246, 2016.
• Arslan Y.E., Hiz M.M., Sezgin Arslan T., "The Use of Decellularized Animal Tissues in Regenerative Therapies", KAFKAS UNIVERSITESI VETERINER FAKULTESI DERGISI, vol.21, pp.139-145, 2015.
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