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Junichi Yuasa-Kawada Department of Neurology, Fukuoka University
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Yi Rao 1 protocol

Yoshio Tsuboi 1 protocol

Mariko Kinoshita-Kawada
  • Research associate, Department of Neurology, Fukuoka University
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Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyoto University, Japan, 2002


Since 2005
• Kinoshita-Kawada, M., Hasegawa, H., Hongu, T., Yanagi, S., Kanaho, Y., Masai, I., Mishima, T., Watanabe, T., Chen, X., Iwasaki, K., Tsuboi, Y., Rao, Y., Yuasa-Kawada, J. and Wu, J. Y. (2019). A crucial role for Arf6 in the response of commissural axons to Slit. Development 146(3): pii: dev172106.
• Mishima, T., Deshimaru, M., Watanabe, T., Kubota, K., Kinoshita-Kawada, M., Yuasa-Kawada, J., Takasaki, K., Uehara, Y., Jinno, S., Iwasaki, K., and Tsuboi, Y. (2018). Behavioral defects in a DCTN1G71A transgenic mouse model of Perry syndrome. Neurosci Lett 666: 98-103.
• Nishiwaki, Y., Yoshizawa, A., Kojima, Y., Oguri, E., Nakamura, S., Suzuki, S., Yuasa-Kawada, J., Kinoshita-Kawada, M., Mochizuki, T., and Masai, I. (2013). The BH3-only SNARE BNip1 mediates photoreceptor apoptosis in response to vesicular fusion defects. Dev Cell 25(4): 374-387.
• Yuasa-Kawada, J., Kinoshita-Kawada, M., Wu, G., Rao, Y., and Wu, J. Y. (2009). Midline crossing and Slit responsiveness of commissural axons require USP33. Nat Neurosci 12(9): 1087-1089.
• Yuasa-Kawada, J., Kinoshita-Kawada, M., Rao, Y., and Wu, J. Y. (2009). Deubiquitinating enzyme USP33/VDU1 is required for Slit signaling in inhibiting breast cancer cell migration. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 106(34): 14530-14535.
• Yuan, L., Kawada, M., Havlioglu, N., Tang, H. and Wu, J. Y. (2005).Mutations in PRPF31 inhibit pre-mRNA splicing of rhodopsin gene and cause apoptosis of retinal cells. J Neurosci 25(3): 748-757.
1 Protocol published
Explant Culture of the Embryonic Mouse Spinal Cord and Gene Transfer by ex vivo Electroporation
Developing axons change responsiveness to guidance cues during the journey to synapse with target cells. Axon crossing at the ventral midline serves as a model for studying how axons accomplish such a switch in their response. Although primary ...
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