shingo sakamoto
  • Researcher, Bioproduction Institute, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
Research fields
  • Plant science
Personal information


Dr., Hiroshima University, Japan

• Takata, N., Awano, T., Nakata, M. T., Sano, Y., Sakamoto, S., Mitsuda, N. and Taniguchi, T. (2019). Populus NST/SND orthologs are key regulators of secondary cell wall formation in wood fibers, phloem fibers and xylem ray parenchyma cells. Tree Physiol 39(4): 514-525.
• Kamimura, N., Sakamoto, S., Mitsuda, N., Masai, E. and Kajita, S. (2019). Advances in microbial lignin degradation and its applications. Curr Opin Biotechnol 56: 179-186.
• Matsui, K., Oshima, Y., Mitsuda, N., Sakamoto, S., Nishiba, Y., Walker, A. R., Ohme-Takagi, M., Robinson, S. P., Yasui, Y., Mori, M. and Takami, H. (2018). Buckwheat R2R3 MYB transcription factor FeMYBF1 regulates flavonol biosynthesis. Plant Sci 274: 466-475.
• Sakamoto, S., Somssich, M., Nakata, M. T., Unda, F., Atsuzawa, K., Kaneko, Y., Wang, T., Bagman, A. M., Gaudinier, A., Yoshida, K., Brady, S. M., Mansfield, S. D., Persson, S. and Mitsuda, N. (2018). Complete substitution of a secondary cell wall with a primary cell wall in Arabidopsis. Nat Plants 4(10): 777-783.
• Segami, S., Tomoyama, T., Sakamoto, S., Gunji, S., Fukuda, M., Kinoshita, S., Mitsuda, N., Ferjani, A. and Maeshima, M. (2018). Vacuolar H(+)-Pyrophosphatase and Cytosolic Soluble Pyrophosphatases Cooperatively Regulate Pyrophosphate Levels in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Cell 30(5): 1040-1061.
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