Chiraj K Dalal
  • Research scientist, Calico Life Sciences
Research focus
  • Systems biology
Personal information


PhD, California Institute of Technology, 2010

Lab information

I used to work as a postdoc in Sandy Johnson's lab at UCSF
I currently work in the industry as a scientist

Research focus

Quantitative & Systems Biology
Evolutionary biology
Metabolic regulation


- Dalal, C.K. and Johnson, A.D. (2017), How transcription circuits explore alternative architectures while maintaining
overall circuit output, Genes & Development, 31 (14): 1397-1405, PMCID: PMC28860157
- Dalal, C.K., Zuleta, I.A., Mitchell, K.F., Andes, D.R., El-Samad, H. and Johnson, A.D. (2016), Transcriptional rewiring
over evolutionary timescales changes qualitative and quantitative properties of gene expression, eLife, 10.7554 /
eLife.18981, PMCID: PMC27614020
- Lin, Y., Sonh, C.H., Dalal, C.K., Cai, L. and Elowitz, M.B. (2015), Combinatorial gene regulation by modulation of
pulse timing, Nature, 527(7576): 54-58, PMCID: PMC4870307
- Dalal, C.K.*, Cai, L.*, Lin, Y., Rahbar, K. and Elowitz, M.B. (2014) Pulsatile Dynamics in the Yeast Proteome,
Current Biology, 24(18): 2189-2194, PMCID: PMC4203654 (*Denotes equal authorship)
- Cai, L., * Dalal, C.K.*, and Elowitz, M.B. (2008), Frequency-Modulated Nuclear Localization Bursts Coordinate Gene
Regulation, Nature, 455(7212): 485-490, PMCID: PMC2695983 (*Denotes equal authorship)
- Jung, H., Dalal, C.K., Kuntz, S., Shah, R. and Collier, C.P. (2004), Surfactant Activated Dip-Pen Nanolithography,
Nano Letters, 4: 2171-2177

Chiraj K. Dalal Page Three
- Hartman, H.B., Hu, X., Tyler, K.X., Dalal, C.K. and Lazar, M.A. (2002), Mechanisms Regulating Adipocyte Expression
of Resistin, Journal of Biological Chemistry, 277(22): 19754-19761, PMCID: 11901161
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