Bingbing Ren
  • BIOCHEMISTRY, National University of Singapore, Singapore, Singapore,
Research fields
  • Molecular biology
Personal information


PhD, National University of Singapore, Singapore, 2017

Current position

Research Associate, School of Life Science, University of Science & Technology of China, China


  1. Tan, H. L., Lim, K. K., Yang, Q., Fan, J. S., Sayed, A. M. M., Low, L. S., Ren, B., Lim, T. K., Lin, Q., Mok, Y. K., Liou, Y. C. and Chen, E. S. (2018). Prolyl isomerization of the CENP-A N-terminus regulates centromeric integrity in fission yeast. Nucleic Acids Res 46(3): 1167-1179. 

  2. Ren, B., Tan, H. L., Nguyen, T. T. T., Sayed, A. M. M., Li, Y., Mok, Y. K., Yang, H. and Chen, E. S. (2018). Regulation of transcriptional silencing and chromodomain protein localization at centromeric heterochromatin by histone H3 tyrosine 41 phosphorylation in fission yeast. Nucleic Acids Res 46(1): 189-202. 

  3. Lim, K. K., Ong, T. Y., Tan, Y. R., Yang, E. G., Ren, B., Seah, K. S., Yang, Z., Tan, T. S., Dymock, B. W. and Chen, E. S. (2015). Mutation of histone H3 serine 86 disrupts GATA factor Ams2 expression and precise chromosome segregation in fission yeast. Sci Rep 5: 14064. 

  4. Chen, C., Ren, B. B., Xu, X. H., Fu, C. X. and Qiu, Y. X. (2011). Isolation and characterization of microsatellite markers for Dipteronia dyerana (Sapindaceae), an endangered endemic species in China. Am J Bot 98(10): e271-273.

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