Long Wang
  • Post-Doc,
Research fields
  • Plant Science
Personal information


phD, Nanjing Agriculture University, 2020

Lab information


Research focus

algae, phosphorus, polyphosphate, plant nutrient,


1. Wang L, Jia X, Zhang Y, Xu L, Menand B, Zhao H, Zeng H, Dolan L, Zhu Y, Yi K. (2021). Loss of two families of SPX domain-containing proteins required for vacuolar polyphosphate accumulation coincides with the transition to phosphate storage in green plants. Molecular Plant 14: 838–846.
2. Jia X#, Wang L#, Zeng H. and Yi K. (2021), Insights of intracellular/intercellular phosphate transport and signaling in unicellular green algae and multicellular land plants. New Phytologist 232: 1566-1571.
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