Gunjan Mehta National Institutes of Health
7 protocols

Pengpeng Li Boston Children’s Hospital
30 protocols

Samantha Dundon Yale University
25 protocols

Udita Upadhyay
  • Post-Doc, University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine
Research focus
  • Molecular biology
  • Mouse Behavior, Viral Delivery, Pain Genetics, Proteomics and Molecular Biology

Lab information

Roy C. Levitt' s Lab


2 Protocols reviewed
QUEEN-based Spatiotemporal ATP Imaging in Budding and Fission Yeast
Author:  Masak Takaine, date: 08/05/2019, view: 4025, Q&A: 0
Yeasts have provided an exceptional model for studying metabolism and bioenergetics in eukaryotic cells. Among numerous metabolites, adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a major metabolite that is essential for all living organisms. Therefore, a clearer ...
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Classic Labyrinth Test for Neurobehavioral Evaluation in Wistar Rats
Author:  Salim Gasmi, date: 09/20/2018, view: 4765, Q&A: 0
The Classic Labyrinth Test (CLT) is a simple way to evaluate behaviors in rodents such as learning ability, memory, and anxiety. The protocol presented here describes the procedure for use with rats, but the protocol can also be adapted for use in ...
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