Juan Rodríguez Vita
  • Group leader, CIPF
Research fields
  • Cancer Biology
Personal information


Ph.D. In Life Sciences (Discipline: Molecular Medicine), Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 2007

Lab information



Publications (since 2005)

1. Alsina-Sanchis E, Mulfarth R, Moll I, Mogler C, Rodriguez-Vita J*, Fischer A*. Intraperitoneal oil application causes local inflammation with depletion of resident peritoneal macrophages. Mol Cancer Res. 2020 Nov 2:molcanres.0650.2020. doi: 10.1158/1541-7786.MCR-20-0650.

2. Klose R., Prinz A., Tetzlaff F., Weis E., Moll I., Rodriguez-Vita J., Oka C., Korff T., Fischer A. Loss of the Serine Protease HTRA1 Impairs Smooth Muscle Cells Maturation. Sci Rep, 9 (1), 18224 2019.

3. Goossens P*, Rodriguez-Vita J*, Etzerodt A, Masse M, Rastoin O, Gouirand V, Ulas T, Papantonopoulou O, Van Eck M, Auphan-Anezin N, Bebien M, Verthuy C, Vu Manh TP, Turner M, Dalod M, Schultze JL, Lawrence T. Membrane Cholesterol Efflux Drives Tumor-Associated Macrophage Reprogramming and Tumor Progression. Cell Metab. 2019 Mar 21. pii: S1550-4131(19)30128-7. *Co-first authors. (Research article)

4. Ribera J*, Rodríguez-Vita J*, Cordoba B, Portolés I, Casals G, Casals E, Jiménez W, Puntes V, Morales-Ruiz M. Functionalized cerium oxide nanoparticles mitigate the oxidative stress and pro-inflammatory activity associated to the portal vein endothelium of cirrhotic rats. PLoS One. 2019 Jun 24;14(6):e0218716. *Co-first authors. (Research article)

5. Tetzlaff F, Adam MG, Feldner A, Moll I, Menuchin A, Rodriguez-Vita J, Sprinzak D, Fischer A. MPDZ promotes DLL4-induced Notch signaling during angiogenesis. Elife. 2018 Apr 5;7. pii: e32860. (Research article)

6. Rodriguez-Vita J, Tetzlaff F, Fischer A. Notch controls endothelial cells. Oncoscience. 2017 Jun 25;4(5-6):45-46. (Comment)

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8. Rodriguez-Vita J, Fischer A. Notch1 induces endothelial senescence and promotes tumor progression. Cell Cycle. 2017 May 19;16(10):911-912. (Comment)

9. Wieland E*, Rodriguez-Vita J*, Liebler SS, Mogler C, Moll I, Herberich SE, Espinet E, Herpel E, Menuchin A, Chang-Claude J, Hoffmeister M, Gebhardt C, Brenner H, Trumpp A, Siebel CW, Hecker M, Utikal J, Sprinzak D, Fischer A. Endothelial Notch1 Activity Facilitates Metastasis. Cancer Cell. 2017 Mar 13;31(3):355-367. *Co-first authors. (Research article)

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12. Pauta M, Ribera J, Melgar-Lesmes P, Casals G, Rodríguez-Vita J, Reichenbach V, Fernandez-Varo G, Morales-Romero B, Bataller R, Michelena J, Altamirano J, Jiménez W, Morales-Ruiz M. Overexpression of angiopoietin-2 in rats and patients with liver fibrosis. Therapeutic consequences of its inhibition. Liver Int. 2014 Feb 19. (Research article)

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14. Rodrigues Díez R, Rodrigues-Díez R, Lavoz C, Rayego-Mateos S, Civantos E, Rodríguez-Vita J, Mezzano S, Ortiz A, Egido J, Ruiz-Ortega M. Statins inhibit angiotensin II/Smad pathway and related vascular fibrosis, by a TGF-β-independent process. PLoS One. 2010 Nov 30;5(11):e14145. (Research article)

15. Rodriguez-Vita J, Lawrence T. The resolution of inflammation and cancer. Cytokine Growth Factor Rev. 2010 Feb;21(1):61-5. (Review article)

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17. Rodríguez-Vita J, Sánchez-Galán E, Santamaría B, Sánchez-López E, Rodrigues-Díez R, Blanco-Colio LM, Egido J, Ortiz A, Ruiz-Ortega M. Essential role of TGF-beta/Smad pathway on statin dependent vascular smooth muscle cell regulation. PLoS One. 2008;3(12):e3959. (Research article)

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26. Rodríguez-Vita J, Sánchez-López E, Esteban V, Rupérez M, Egido J, Ruiz-Ortega M. Angiotensin II activates the Smad pathway in vascular smooth muscle cells by a transforming growth factor-beta-independent mechanism. Circulation 2005;111:2509-2517. (Research article)

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