Anthony Cannon Purdue University West Lafayette
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Wei Guo Purdue University West Lafayette
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Damon Lisch
  • Faculty, Purdue University West Lafayette
Research focus
  • Epigenetic regulation of transposable elements
  • 2 Author merit


PhD, University of California Berkeley

Lab information

Damon Lisch lab

3 Protocols published
A Molecular Cloning and Sanger Sequencing-based Protocol for Detecting Site-specific DNA Methylation
Authors:  Wei Guo, Anthony Cannon and Damon Lisch, date: 05/05/2022, view: 702, Q&A: 1

DNA methylation is a conserved chemical modification, by which methyl groups are added to the cytosine of DNA molecules. Methylation can influence gene expression without changing the sequence of a particular gene. This epigenetic effect is an

Genome-wide Estimation of Evolutionary Distance and Phylogenetic Analysis of Homologous Genes
Authors:  Meixia Zhao, Biao Zhang, Jianxin Ma and Damon Lisch, date: 12/05/2018, view: 5968, Q&A: 0
Homologous genes, including paralogs and orthologs, are genes that share sequence homologies within or between different species. Homologous genes originate from a common origin through speciation, genetic duplication or horizontal gene transfer. ...
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