Adler Dillman Nematology, UC Riverside, USA
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Jay Z Parrish
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  • Neuroscience
2 Protocols reviewed
Assaying Thermo-nociceptive Behavior in Drosophila Larvae
Authors:  Meike Petersen, Federico Tenedini, Nina Hoyer, Fritz Kutschera and Peter Soba, date: 02/20/2018, view: 6413, Q&A: 0
Thermo-nociception, the detection and behavioral response to noxious temperatures, is a highly conserved action to avoid injury and ensure survival. Basic molecular mechanisms of thermal responses have been elucidated in several model organisms and ...
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Assaying Mechanonociceptive Behavior in Drosophila Larvae
Authors:  Nina Hoyer, Meike Petersen, Federico Tenedini and Peter Soba, date: 02/20/2018, view: 7896, Q&A: 0
Drosophila melanogaster larvae have been extensively used as a model to study the molecular and cellular basis of nociception. The larval nociceptors, class IV dendritic arborization (C4da) neurons, line the body wall of the animal and ...
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