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Geraldine Guasch
  • Division of Developmental Biology, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, USA, USA,
Research focus
  • Cancer biology
  • 1 Author merit


PhD, Aix-Marseille Universite, France, 2002

Current position

Associate Professor, Molecular Oncology, INSERM, France


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1 Protocol published
Isolation and Separation of Epithelial CD34+ Cancer Stem Cells from Tgfbr2-deficient Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Authors:  Heather A. McCauley and Géraldine Guasch, date: 09/05/2017, view: 8341, Q&A: 0
Most epithelial tumors have been shown to contain cancer stem cells that are potentially the driving force in tumor progression and metastasis (Kreso and Dick, 2014; Nassar and Blanpain, 2016). To study these cells in depth, cell isolation ...
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