Daniel Cirera-Salinas
  • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
Research fields
  • Molecular biology
Personal information


PhD in Molecular Biology, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany , 2013

Current position

Postdoctoral Fellow, Biology Department, ETH Zurich, Switzerland


  1. Cirera-Salinas, D., Bodak, M. and Ciaudo, C. (2017). Versatility of DGCR8 controls stem cell fate. Cell Cycle 16(8): 729-730.
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  13. https://scholar.google.ch/scholar?hl=de&q=cirera-salinas&btnG=&lr=%20https://scholar.google.ch/citations?view_op=list_works&hl=de&user=j6Y19EwAAAAJ
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