Raviraj Mahadeo Kalunke
  • Post-Doc, Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology (IPMB), Academia Sinica
Research focus
  • Plant Science
Personal information


PhD in Plant Biotechnology, Tuscia University, 2012

Lab information

Lay Sun Ma

Research focus

Plant pathogen interaction


1. Prabhakar Lal Srivastava, Raviraj M. Kalunke, Anurag Shukla (2018) Comprehensive metabolic and transcriptomic profiling of various tissues of Asparagus racemosus to gain insights insaponin biosynthesis. Scientific Reports (in press)
2. Lavhale SG, Kalunke RM, Giri AP (2018) Structural, functional and evolutionary diversity of 4-coumarate-CoA ligase in plants. Planta. Aug 4. doi: 10.1007/s00425-018-2965-z.
3. Raviraj M. Kalunke*, Gerardo Grasso*, Renato D'Ovidio, Roberto Dragone, Chiara Frazzoli: Detection of ciprofloxacin residues in cow milk: A novel and rapid optical β- galactosidase-based screening assay. Microchemical Journal, 136 (2018) 128–132, *corresponding authors
4. Raviraj Kalunke*, Silvio Tundo*, Michela Janni, Chiara Volpi, Vincenzo Lionetti, Daniela Bellincampi, Francesco Favaron and Renato D’Ovidio: Pyramiding PvPGIP2 and TAXI-III but not PvPGIP2 and PMEI enhances resistance against Fusarium graminearum. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 29/2016; 629-639, * equal contribution
5. Raviraj Kalunke, Ilaria Moscetti, Silvio Tundo and Renato D’Ovidio: An improved and simplified radial gel diffusion assay for the detection of xylanase activity. Bio-protocol 6(13): e1863
6. Ramesha H. Jayaramaiah, Atul Anand, Supriya D. Beedkar, Bhushan B. Dholakia, Sachin A. Punekar, Raviraj M. Kalunke, Wasudeo N. Gade, Hirekodathakallu V. Thulasiram, Ashok P. Giri: Functional characterization and transient expression manipulation of a new sesquiterpene synthase involved in β-caryophyllene accumulation in Ocimum. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 03/2016
7. Priyanka Singh, Raviraj M. Kalunke, Ashok P. Giri: Towards comprehension of complex chemical evolution and diversification of terpene and phenylpropanoid pathways in Ocimum species. RSC Advances 12/2015; 5(129)
8. Pradeep Kumar, Luigi Lucini, Youssef Rouphael, Mrariateresa cardarelli, Raviraj M.Kalunke, Giuseppe Colla: Insight into the role of grafting and arbuscular mycorrhiza on cadmium stress tolerance in tomato. Frontiers in Plant Science 06/2015; 6:477
9. Raviraj M Kalunke, Silvio Tundo, Filice Cervone, Giulia De Lorenzo, Renato D Ovidio: An update on polygalacturonase-inhibiting protein (PGIP), a leucine-rich repeat protein that protects crop plants against pathogens. Frontiers in Plant Science 02/2015; 6
10. Raviraj M Kalunke, Alberto Cenci, Chiara Volpi, Donal M O Sullivan, Luca Sella, Francesco Favaron, Felice Cervone, Giulia De Lorenzo, Renato D Ovidio: The pgip family in soybean and three other legume species: Evidence for a birth-and-death model of evolution. BMC Plant Biology 07/2014; 14(1):189
11. Raviraj M. Kalunke, Michela Janni, Stefano Benedettelli, Renato D’Ovidio: Using biolistics and hybridization to combine multiple glycosidase inhibitor transgenes in wheat. Euphytica12/2013; 194(3)
12. Raviraj M. Kalunke, Michela Janni, Luca Sella, P David, Valérie Geffroy, Francesco Favaron, D’Ovidio R: Transcript analysis of the bean polygalacturonase inhibiting protein gene family reveals that PVPGIP2 is expressed in the whole plant and is strongly induced by pathogen iinfection. J. Plant Pathology 06/2011; 93:148
13. Raviraj M. Kalunke, Archana M. Kolge, K. Harinath Babu, D. Theertha Prasad: Agrobacterium mediated transformation of sugarcane for borer resistance using Cry 1Aa3 gene and one-step regeneration of transgenic plants. Sugar Tech 12/2009; 11(4):355-359
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