Alain Jauneau
  • Institut Fédératif de Recherche 3450, Université de Toulouse, CNRS, UPS, Plateforme Imagerie TRI-Genotoul, France, France,
Research focus
  • Plant science
  • 2 Author merit


Thesis, Mont-Saint Aignan, France, 1985


Research Engineer, Research Engineer, CNRS-Fédération Agrobiosciences Interactions and Biodiversity, France


2 Protocols published
Histochemical Preparations to Depict the Structure of Cauliflower Leaf Hydathodes
Authors:  Aude Cerutti, Marie-Christine Auriac, Laurent D. Noël and Alain Jauneau, date: 10/20/2017, view: 7443, Q&A: 0
Hydathodes are plant organs present on leaf margins of a wide range of vascular plants and are the sites of guttation. Both anatomy and physiology of hydathodes are poorly documented. We have recently reported on the anatomy of cauliflower and ...
Capturing Z-stacked Confocal Images of Living Bacteria Entering Hydathode Pores of Cauliflower
Authors:  Aude Cerutti and Alain Jauneau, date: 10/20/2017, view: 8070, Q&A: 0
The present protocol to visualize living bacteria at the pore level of cauliflower hydathodes is simple and trained users in confocal microscopy can execute it successfully. It can be easily adapted to capture images with other plant-microorganism ...
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