Abraam Yakoub Stanford University
2 protocols

Alba Blesa Universidad Francisco de Vitoria
43 protocols

Alessandro Didonna East Carolina University
80 protocols

Andrea Puhar MIMS and Department of Molecular Biology, Umeå University
57 protocols

Hélène Léger
  • Research associate, Coimbra Institute for Clinical and Biomedical Research (iCBR)
Research focus
  • Cell biology
  • Yeast and mammalian cell cycle regulation and polarized growth
    Retina development and maintenance
    Vision science


PhD, University Lille 1

Lab information

Retinal Dysfunction & Neuroinflammation Lab

10 Protocols reviewed
A Simplified Paradigm of Late Gestation Transient Prenatal Hypoxia to Investigate Functional and Structural Outcomes from a Developmental Hypoxic Insult
Authors:  Elyse C. Gadra and Ana G. Cristancho, date: 10/05/2022, view: 521, Q&A: 0

Late-gestation transient intrauterine hypoxia is a common cause of birth injury. It can lead to long-term neurodevelopmental disabilities even in the absence of gross anatomic injury. Currently, postnatal models of hypoxia–ischemia are most

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A Novel Standardized Peripheral Nerve Transection Method and a Novel Digital Pressure Sensor Device Construction for Peripheral Nerve Crush Injury

Peripheral nerve injury (PNI) is common in all walks of life, and the most common PNIs are nerve crush and nerve transection. While optimal functional recovery after crush injury occurs over weeks, functional recovery after nerve transection with

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