Valerie Chazalet
  • CERMAV-CNRS, University of Grenoble, France
Research focus
  • Plant science
Personal information


Professional Master in fungal biotechnologies. University of Bordeaux, France in 1995

Current Position

Ingeneer assistant at the Molecular and Structural Glycobiology group at CERMAV-CNRS, Grenoble, France

Publications (since 2006)

  1. Rocha, J., Ciceron, F., de Sanctis, D., Lelimousin, M., Chazalet, V., Lerouxel, O. and Breton, C. (2016). Structure of Arabidopsis thaliana FUT1 Reveals a Variant of the GT-B Class Fold and Provides Insight into Xyloglucan Fucosylation. Plant Cell 28(10): 2352-2364.
  2. Ciceron, F., Rocha, J., Kousar, S., Hansen, S. F., Chazalet, V., Gillon, E., Breton, C. and Lerouxel, O. (2016). Expression, purification and biochemical characterization of AtFUT1, a xyloglucan-specific fucosyltransferase from Arabidopsis thaliana. Biochimie 128-129: 183-192.
  3. Rocha, J., Sarkis, J., Thomas, A., Pitou, L., Radzimanowski, J., Audry, M., Chazalet, V., de Sanctis, D., Palcic, M. M., Block, M. A., Girard-Egrot, A., Maréchal, E. and Breton, C. (2016). Structural insights and membrane binding properties of MGD1, the major galactolipid synthase in plants. The Plant Journal 85: 622–633.
  4. Rocha, J., Audry, M., Pesce, G., Chazalet, V., Block, M. A., Marechal, E. and Breton, C. (2013). Revisiting the expression and purification of MGD1, the major galactolipid synthase in Arabidopsis to establish a novel standard for biochemical and structural studies. Biochimie 95(4): 700-708.
  5. Benevides, R. G., Ganne, G., Simoes Rda, C., Schubert, V., Niemietz, M., Unverzagt, C., Chazalet, V., Breton, C., Varrot, A., Cavada, B. S. and Imberty, A. (2012). A lectin from Platypodium elegans with unusual specificity and affinity for asymmetric complex N-glycans. J Biol Chem 287(31): 26352-26364.
  6. Sanchez, J. F., Lescar, J., Chazalet, V., Audfray, A., Gagnon, J., Alvarez, R., Breton, C., Imberty, A. and Mitchell, E. P. (2006). Biochemical and structural analysis of Helix pomatia agglutinin. A hexameric lectin with a novel fold. J Biol Chem 281(29): 20171-20180.
  7. Cioci, G., Mitchell, E. P., Chazalet, V., Debray, H., Oscarson, S., Lahmann, M., Gautier, C., Breton, C., Perez, S. and Imberty, A. (2006). Beta-propeller crystal structure of Psathyrella velutina lectin: an integrin-like fungal protein interacting with monosaccharides and calcium. J Mol Biol 357(5): 1575-1591.
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